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Category: Islam- Outer Actions

This is related to the visible part of the Islamic faith, such as:
1- Pronouncing of the Word “No God but Allah, and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah”
2- Performing Prayers
3- Giving Charity
4- Fasting Ramadan
5- Pilgrimage to Mecca

What Makes You A Muslim?

What Makes You A Muslim?

To be a Muslim, it takes up to 5 steps:

  1. TESTIMONY: Say:

I witness that there is no god but God,

and that?Muhammad is the Messenger of God

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2. PRAYERS: Perform the 5 daily Prayers: at Dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset, and Night.

3. CHARITY: Pay Charity to the poor at the rate of 2.5% if you have money more than the value of 85 grams of gold for over a year.

4. FASTING: Fast the Lunar month of Ramdan every year, from dawn to sunset.

5. PILGRIMAGE: Do pilgrimage to the House of God in Mecca once in a lifetime, if you can afford